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The Best Neighborhood Flea Market...Ever

I love a good flea market. Browsing tables and racks of cast-off clothes, jewelry and household items is almost always fun and interesting, and the thrill of a great find keeps me going.

I spent Saturday night in Lyon, France, visiting my close friends who were in town for a few weeks on my way to Avignon. I had rented a loft studio through Airbnb for the night, and it was located in a hip neighborhood that attracted a lot of Millennials. When I went out in search of my morning coffee on Sunday, I noticed that at just after 7 AM, people were unloading boxes of ’bric-a-brac’ from their cars and setting up tables on the sidewalk. It was doubly exciting to see so many French cast-offs! Heavenly, in fact. Within the next few hours, the multi-block neighborhood had been turned into one giant yard sale, with more than one hundred tables of clothes, jewelry, books and record albums.

I am traveling for another week, and my suitcase is pretty full, so I could only buy 10% of what I wanted to buy. I picked up a Kenzo scarf, a classic blue-and-white striped tee, a blouse for my daughter, dangly earrings, and 2 small vintage boxes for my home office.

Ooh la la.

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