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J'aime Tours (a guest post by Susan Rives)

Many people say that the most beautiful French is spoken in Tours and as a French major in college, I went there to perfect my French.  After 40 years, I returned for the first time, with my husband.  Most people think of Paris when they visit France, but there's so much more to see here.  We visit Paris often, but we  fell in love with Tours, its history, wines and cuisine.  And yes, the French is still beautiful with a music all its own.  Another plus, Tours is situated on the Loire River and surrounded by chateaux built in the French Renaissance.  

We've been back several times and always stay in the same charming French hotel. Newly decorated, the rooms are impeccable, the street is quiet and the staff always friendly.  On our first visit we discovered Le Molière, a cafe across from our hotel.  It’s a neighborhood place that serves breakfast and lunch.  The food is delicious, the interior could be a set for a Molière play, and the crowd is entirely local.

At first we went to Le Molière for our usual French breakfast of café au lait and croissants, but the neighborhood cobbler, who remembered my landlady, recommended it for lunch.  We tried lunch, and returned, always ordering the plat du jour.  (Fish in a light curry sauce is pictured above.)

We also enjoyed aperitifs at Le Molière. In addition to good food at modest prices, Le Molière’s excellent service and regular clientele make it a perfect choice for us. We’re always pleased to be the only non-locals when we travel.  

Tours is easily accessible by RER or car from Paris.  Once there, you won’t have to make your way through hordes of tourists.  And the French is still beautiful.  If you go, look for Le Molière where you can try the plat du jour, local sparkling wine, regional cheeses and other specialties.  And don’t miss the brioche bakery in front of the train station.  Just follow your nose and you'll find it.   Have I convinced  you to visit Tours?

(merci, Susan!)

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