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Kitchen Essentials

I do not own a kitchen blow torch.

I wish I did--I like playing with fire a lot, and kitchen blow torches look like fun. You can do nifty things with a blow torch, like take an artisanal marshmallow, 2 graham crackers and a few squares of milk chocolate, and create a 'smore without lighting a campfire.

I was thinking about Thanksgiving deserts, and when I found recipes for pumpkin crème brulée online, they all involved the use of a blowtorch to create a caramelized sugar topping.

Recipes are very useful, but cooking also involves creativity and decision-making.

I became very creative and decided to make pumpkin crème brulée without a caramelized topping. I did not buy a blow torch, but I did buy extra ramekins.

I used this recipe:

The individual crème brulée deserts looked like this:

One of six individual pumpkin créme brulée ramekins.

The deserts tasted great and added a very special finishing touch to my Thanksgiving dinner. The recipe was very easy to follow.

Next time? I am going to invest in a blow torch. I want the whole crème brulée experience.

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