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Easy, breezy New Year's resolutions

New Year's Eve

It's New Year's Day, and I have gotten out of bed, maxed out on coffee, gone to the gym for a spin class, washed all the glassware from last night's small gathering at our home and emptied the dishwasher. Now it's time to start thinking about one or a few resolutions for the start of 2019.

Here's what I should do:

1. Lose 5-10 pounds.

2. Cut way back on chocolate and other sweets (see #1).

3. Ignore the existence of Anthropologie and for the next 6 months.

4. Clean and organize the upstairs closets and the basement storage rooms.

And maybe...I will.

In truth, I prefer to make less serious and more life-affirming resolutions that are easier to keep and enjoy.

In years past, I have resolved to read more novels. I read a lot, but the year I committed to reading more novels, I devoured books.

I also resolved to spend more time with friends, and even though I did not make as many new friends as I had hoped (I am an introvert, after all), I can happily report that I connect more with the great friends I do have than I did in the past.

Vampires in love

This year, much to the enjoyment of David Lovinger, my husband of nearly 20 years, I am resolving to think before I say something to him that he could construe as critical. Why? We are two weeks away from our porcelain anniversary, after all, a milestone that many couples never make. This resolution will keep things easier and breezier around the house. And while it won't help me with #1-3 to above, an uncriticized spouse could do a lot to make #4 a reality.

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