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A Perfect Winter Dinner

Staring down the first big snowstorm of the pandemic winter, I knew I wanted to prepare a hearty meal full of warmth and flavor. I wanted to make the ultimate winter comfort food. I wanted a meal that would sustain my family as we hunkered down at home together.

One main course came to mind: Pasta Bolognese. A steaming bowl of sautéed vegetables and meat in a red sauce over pasta would just make everything better, wouldn't it? It would keep us warm, fill us up and answer that need for homemade goodness on a dark night.

I spent the late afternoon yesterday chopping onions, celery and carrots, adding in beef and pork, then wine and tomato sauce and spices. I also prepared steamed string beans and salad of little gems lettuce, shredded purple cabbage and diced yellow and red peppers. The salad, with its bold colors, and the string beans, just slightly crunchy, brightened our dinner table. And the Pasta Bolognese, the warm sauce poured over the hot pasta and topped with grated Parmesan cheese checked every box on the list.

Pandemic winter nights, I've got you covered.

I followed this recipe to the letter, only substituting extra ground beef for the ground veal:

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